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Summer Vacation Tips

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a beach vacation surrounded by beautiful views!  The following tips will help you protect your mobile devices from sand and water: Use a waterproof case for your phone or tablet, these accessories will keep your device sealed and with full functio

ThermoFisher Scientific

ThermoFisher Scientific offices in Allentown suffered a pipe burst that caused water damage in their equipment. A team of technicians worked on-site for several days to restore the office equipment to pre-loss condition and make sure the equipment is fully functional and safe to use.

Effects of Cold Weather on Computers and Cellphones

Batteries function best at room temperature, conditions such as low or high temperatures, dust and humidity can affect the performance of electronic devices. Cold is always a threat for the battery life of our electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers.  Cold can reduce the

Most Common Causes of Fire During Holiday

ELECTRICAL SHOCK / FIRE.  Use appropriate light bulbs and extension cords. As a rule of thumb, only plug three strands of lights into one extension cord. Don’t run extension cords under rugs, as this is the cause of many electrical fires. CANDLE FIRES.  More than half of all can

Prevent Water Damage and Power Surge

Rain and wind can cause serious damage to your home/business affecting your appliances and electronic equipment, lack of regular maintenance of them can also cause severe damage, below a few tips to prevent damage: Check the hose connection to the water supply on your washing machine,

Water Damage and its Effects on Electronics

Submersion.  Electronics are completely covered with standing water and /or mud type of sediment from a few minutes to days.   Replacement is usually the best course for these situations for many reasons. If power was on at the time of the water damage, chances are electricity caused