Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Restoration of Electronics and Appliances PA NJ DE MD

Delaware Valley Bindery

The Delaware Valley Bindery suffered a large loss that caused severe damage to its facilities and machinery.   For a period of  4 weeks a team of technicians serviced over 350 pieces, cleaning and restoring them to pre-loss condition.  Some of the restored items include Office Equipme

Weather Effects on Consumer Electronics

Heat. Consumer electronics generate heat simply by operating, and most are designed with fans or other cooling systems in order to keep the heat levels down. However, when the device is exposed to other heat sources, such as high temperatures or direct sunlight, the temperature levels

Guide to Preventing Oil Burner Puffbacks in Buildings

The best ways to avoid an ugly and dangerous oil burner puffback are: Have all of your oil fired heating appliances serviced regularly, normally once a year. Encourage the service technician to do more than a superficial cleaning (oil filter and nozzle change) – pay extra if nec

Prevent Water Damage and Power Surge

Rain and wind can cause serious damage to your home/business affecting your appliances and electronic equipment, lack of regular maintenance of them can also cause severe damage, below a few tips to prevent damage: Check the hose connection to the water supply on your washing machine,

Replacement vs Restoration

Although replacement may seem like the best option after a loss, restoration of electronic equipment, appliances and machinery is a green alternative that can save  time and money. Restoration is highly cost effective when there is a large loss; home and business owners often cannot a

Water Damage and its Effects on Electronics

Submersion.  Electronics are completely covered with standing water and /or mud type of sediment from a few minutes to days.   Replacement is usually the best course for these situations for many reasons. If power was on at the time of the water damage, chances are electricity caused

Customer’s Appreciation

We work hard to give our customers the best service, so it is great when they take the time to recognize our labor and say Thanks, but when they mail us a Thank You note, it is extra special! “Thanks so much for fixing my computer. I really appreciated it. I haven’t used t

How To Choose The Right Surge Protector?

Power surges can happen any minute, on any given day.  It is very important that we have the right protection for our electronic equipment. Below are the different kinds of surge protectors one may choose from. Which option is best for you: Basic Power Strip.  These are basic extensio


It is always important to protect your home and electronic equipment from power surges, below some useful tips that will help you: Check your wiring and grounding.  Make sure the equipment is plugged into a grounded outlet. If your home was built before 1960 see if your wiring meets c


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