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Summer Vacation Tips

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a beach vacation surrounded by beautiful views!  The following tips will help you protect your mobile devices from sand and water: Use a waterproof case for your phone or tablet, these accessories will keep your device sealed and with full functio

Weather Effects on Consumer Electronics

Heat. Consumer electronics generate heat simply by operating, and most are designed with fans or other cooling systems in order to keep the heat levels down. However, when the device is exposed to other heat sources, such as high temperatures or direct sunlight, the temperature levels

Guide to Preventing Oil Burner Puffbacks in Buildings

The best ways to avoid an ugly and dangerous oil burner puffback are: Have all of your oil fired heating appliances serviced regularly, normally once a year. Encourage the service technician to do more than a superficial cleaning (oil filter and nozzle change) – pay extra if nec

How To Take Care of Your Oven In-Between Heavy Cleaning

The Holiday season is about to start, there will be a lot of cooking going on in the next weeks, that’s why we have a couple tips that will help you -and your oven- to survive the season: Catch spills with a baking sheet. If you’re cooking something messy, place a baking s

How To Defrost a Freezer

Buying a freezer without an automatic defrost function saves electricity, but commits you to defrosting the freezer periodically. There are several reasons why ice builds up in a freezer, including the freezer having poor air circulation, being too full or being located in a humid pla


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