Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Restoration of Electronics and Appliances PA NJ DE MD

RJ Davis & Company

Recently our skilled technicians put their on-site cleaning expertise to good use for RJ Davis & Co. in Lewisberry Pennsylvania.RJ Davis
They suffered damage from a truck fire in their warehouse, seriously affecting their machinery and electronic equipment with heavy smoke.

In the course of five days our technicians worked long shifts in order to clean, restore and install office equipment, appliances and machinery such as Drills, Air Saws, Air Compressors, Air Wrenches, Batteries, Welding Machines, Welding Tanks, Blasting Cabinet and Hydraulic Floor Jacks just to name a few.  More than 300 pieces were serviced.

After an outstanding performance by our technicians, RJ Davis & Co. was able to resume their work with fully functional equipment and machinery.

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