Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Restoration of Electronics and Appliances PA NJ DE MD


Residential Restoration Services

Appliances and high-tech electronic equipment can be restored after fire, smoke, power surge or water damage. Nearly all equipment exposed to damage, even a heavy amount, can be functionally restored by our team of skilled professionals. We can thoroughly clean your electronics with anti-static hepa vacuums and moisture filtered air pressure compressors. Our specialized equipment is used to remove heavy amounts of soot and debris and help bring damaged equipment back to life.

The POWER ER Process Involves:

  • Initial loss evaluation.
  • Remove all contents from property during pack out and provide a complete inventory to homeowner.  Or clean affected equipment on-site if necessary.
  • All contents are assigned to our restoration crew.
  • Items are inspected to analyze damage and schedule for cleaning if appropriate.
  • Items identified as salvageable are cleaned and restored utilizing the most appropriate method.
  • Items are fully tested for functionality.
  • Delivery and set up of restored equipment.

Homeowner Tips

  • Never plug in damaged appliances or electronic equipment.
  • Don’t try to clean internal parts to appliances or electronic equipment with household cleaners.
  • Consult your insurance policy agent to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.